Testing And evaluations

testing and psychological evaluation for ASD, ADHD, IG testing learning disability
Testing and Evaluations at Crystal Minds Psychological Services

At Crystal Minds Psychological Services we provide treatments for general testing and evaluations. We provide support for individual needs: psycho-educational evaluations, psychological emotional assessments, behavior assessments and gifted assessments. Crystal Minds Psychological Services at Doral provide help and supporting for different testing and evaluations, psychological evaluation, school evaluations, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) gifted and IQ testing, behavior evaluations for ASD( Autism Spectrum disorder)and much more.

Psychological Testing and evaluations at Doral

Children face stressors that influence their behavioral and emotional health. Children experiencing behavioral, emotional, or attitude issues. Here at Crystal Minds Psychological Services we can help your kids with psychological therapy services that stand-in development, skill acquisition, and we assist parents with to better manage the behavioral modification skills in their kids.

At Crystal Mind Psychological Services, we can help parents, children and teens with the appropriate therapy.

Psychoeducational Evaluations

These evaluations are used to determine whether a child may have a learning disorder, Intellectual Disability, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or/and mood/behavior disorders. At the conclusion of this evaluation, parents will receive a report with the results that can be shared with the school for accommodations and clinical recommendations and referrals to other services (as needed).

Psychological Emotional Assessments

Emotional assessments are used to identify any behavior or mood difficulties that warrant a diagnosis. It is also done to determine whether the individual (child, adolescent or adults) can be recommended to other services as well as psychological/psychiatric treatment.

Behavior Assessments

These assessments are based on the basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and determine the cause of the child’s or adolescents maladaptive behavior, the environmental components that are preceding these behaviors and recommendations to decrease their occurrences. Direct observation of the child and maladaptive behaviors in their natural environment (home or school) may take place as well as clinical tests and curricular assessments.

Gifted Assessments

These assessments are done in order to identify children and adolescents that score higher in “IQ” tests compared to other children their age. The results can be used along with other evaluations done by teachers to place children in gifted or superior classroom settings.